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Looking back, looking forward

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 21/12/2012 10:21am

Our highlights of 2012, and our new year resolutions for 2013

It’s our last day in the office before Christmas, so we’ve been looking back over the last year and talking about our favourite moments. Naturally, this led us to plans for 2013 and our new year resolutions.

Doddy – Features Editor

One of Doddy’s best moments of the year was a trip to the Highlands with Rob Jarman

The best things about 2012
-A trip to Fort William with Rob Jarman, and being shown around by the lovely Hannah Barnes.
- Perfecting my no-handed wheelie in front of Ric and Rob, even making it over a couple of speed bumps.

New year resolutions
- Have some time off the bike travelling, and come back with a vengeance.
- Get myself properly fit next year
- Beat Scott Beaumont in the triple burrito challenge

Danny – Editor

The best things about 2012
- Being the first ever augmented reality cycling magazine and doing cool videos with Brendan Fairclough and Dan Atherton to bring MBUK 277 to life
- Seeing so many people going to watch mountain biking at Hadleigh Farm at the Olympics (And the Olympics was an all-round highlight)
- Steve Peat’s 20th World Championships. 20th! Legend

New year resolutions
- Get some bloody bike fitness into my legs
- Make 2013, MBUK’s 25th year, a year to remember
- Eat less cheese

Jamer – Art Editor

Jimmer on his 29er

The best things about 2012
- Finally gaining a lot of confidence and a bit of style into my jumping courtesy of Chopper
- The miles put in on the 29er
- That christmas is almost here…

New year resolutions
- Stop cutting my own hair
- Do some enduros
- Clear out the clutter from my desk drawers and under my desk.



Kim – Operations Editor

The best things about 2012
- Some good rides at Swinley Forest and Ashton Court
- Making my bike-riding photo debut in MBUK (as opposed to being dressed as a zombie)
- Finding a bike I really like riding (the Boardman Comp Fi – it just feels right!)
New year resolutions
- Ride more
- Surf more
- Make sure MBUK has a great 25th anniversary – more on that next year!

Nick – Deputy Art Editor

Learning to jump better was one of Nick’s 2012 highlights

The best things about 2012
- Getting my new Orange Five
- Learning to jump with Chopper
- Racing in my first downhill race
- My daughter being born
- Obama getting re-elected
- Miami Heat winning the playoff

New year resolutions
- To do well in my new job at Saddleback
- Make sure I come down and see MBUK as much as possible.


What were YOUR best moments of 2012? Tell us below!


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