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If in doubt, flat out!

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 08/01/2013 08:57am

Well, that was the plan for the mate’s race feature in this month’s issue of the magazine, but we weren’t banking on it hurting quite so much!

We’ve all raced a bike here and there, and we all love the tension, the nerves and the feeling of riding when there’s a clock on your head or a rider in front to chase.

And we all love chasing each other down the local single track – so organising our own timed race seemed like the perfect thing to do.

Nick giving it his all!

There needed to be enough stuff to slow people down so we picked a relatively flat section of a local trail, that had tight turns, berms, uphill, flat, technical obstacles and a climb that was nasty enough to finish us off coming back to the top.

But it really, really hurt. First major turn in and our heart rates were through the ceiling, and second straight had us breathing out our backsides with no where on the course to recover. Except the one area that needed a decent line choice, which I buggered up spectacularly – the rocks were slippier that they looked on race day. This was also discovered by Kim, Danny, Jamer and Ric, who all had moments involving the holly bush!

Despite how much it hurt, it was damned good fun and we’ll be doing it again on more local trails, but think we’ll save it until it’s warm enough for a BBQ and a few beers at the finish line!

Anyhow, enough of this – feel free to watch these video of me showing you exactly how not to ride at speed, and of Weavs on his run.

And read the full feature in MBUK 286 – on sale 11 January!


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