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Training in Spain

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 28/01/2013 14:33pm

Guest blog: Josh Lewis of the Steve Peat Syndicate heads to Spain for some winter training

My alarm was set for 4am on Christmas Day, and it wasn’t so I could try to catch the fat man in red dragging the presents to the christmas tree either – I caught you last year, Dad! It was set ready for the lift to Manchester Airport with my mates Cal Dew and George Belk ready for our trip to Malaga. At the time i was thinking, “4am?! This mountain biking gets me doing some daft stuff”, although the thought of riding dust for a week definitely got me giddy.
Check-in was a funny one, as anyone who has flown with bikes before knows, it can either run very smoothly or go wrong very easily. I travelled super light, only taking hand luggage with my kit and lid, minimal underwear (who needs a change of clothes anyway?) and my Santa Cruz Blur in its budget bike bag. Luckily we sailed through on this occasion. The Christmas Day vibe helped, I reckon – the guy at the desk said to us: “You’re slightly overweight, I’m going to have to charge you… nah, only kidding, I don’t give a s***!” while wearing his flashing Christmas hat!
The short flight to Malaga was over before we knew it and the taxi driver that was waiting for us there was nuts. He had this smoke machine under his seat and disco lazers hidden all round his transporter, playing “Sexy And I Know It” at absolute maximum volume.
So on to the riding – my very good friend Josh Bryceland came out with his bros Scouse, Nonneth and Lloyd, and stayed in the apartment opposite ours which was ideal. The video below shows what we got up to riding-wise – I hope you take the time to watch it because it’s hard to put into words just how much we did!
We rode or trained every minute we could and definitely left our mark in the Spanish soil. I urge anyone to take a riding holiday to Malaga because the quality of trails there is simply breath-taking and the number of people getting involved is great. Plus the sun helps too. The main thing for me when visiting places like that is you realise why you spend all these hours and pounds messing with bikes and kit – it’s because those moments of realisation are so so worth it! If anyone has any riding experiances to share, hit me up on Twitter @loosedoglewis, I’d love to hear about them.
I’ve got my team day launch tomorrow for the Steve Peat Syndicate 2013 –  keep an eye out and come check us at the races! It’s going to be a big year!


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