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Hannah Barnes escapes snowy Scotland for the sun of La Palma

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 01/02/2013 14:47pm

MBUK’s newest guest blogger discovers an amazing riding destination in the Canary Islands

Hannah Barnes is a rider and a racer from Fort William. She rides for MTBCut/Orange Mountain Bikes. Her first blog for MBUK is all about a recent riding trip to La Palma.

“I am sitting in a Deutsche Backerei und Konditorei on La Palma (Canary Islands) surrounded by friendly German hippies. My friend Steffi Marth comes here every winter. Each year she invites me to come and this year it was perfect to come out and escape snowy Scotland for a few weeks.

“There are lots of folk here as part of Atlantic Cycling – bike guides, photographers, pro riders and clients. Steffi is running a girls freeride camp for a week, so I am joining them for some of the days, then riding with the guys the rest of the time. They are all such a great group of girls, doing really cool jobs and hobbies back home – one races motocross, one is an architect, one’s a civil engineer – and they’re all lots of fun. It’s cool to randomly meet and ride with these girls, doing a shared passion on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic.

“La Palma itself is an amazing place to ride, such a variety of riding and little micro-climates on the island. If one side is raining, then just head to the sun on the other side! We shuttle up for about an hour to get some height, then enjoy epic descents.

“It is a unique place to ride. Within one ride we would be on the top of the mountain in the rain, in a rocky rooty jungle, back into the sun in a lava field, then a fast and flowy pine forest, on red earth and a moon like landscape, loose rocky walkers paths, and smooth, flowy river beds. The riding is pretty technical and physical, so it is definitely somewhere to easily spend a winter getting fast and fit!

“I love the chilled pace of life and swimming in the ocean after a long ride, the cheap and tasty seafood, dubious Spanish coffee, German bread, and the mix of great people! What is not to love?!”

All photos by Thomas Dietze –


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