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Snow ride like a snow ride

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 14/02/2013 09:06am

Guest blogger Paddy Taylor doesn’t let the cold weather stop him

There has been a bit of snow falling in the UK in the last couple of weeks. While this means a bit of travel chaos for the UK. It also means a change from damp underpants and being blinded by mud, it also means putting a new spin on those local rides and trail centres.

I don’t know why everyone moans about snow in Britain, sure it might cause a few problems but what’s that too a wonderful white blanket covering a dark and gloomy country. It gives you the opportunity to grab your mates, some warm clothing and have some fun.

I have been for a few snow rides this year, twice at Whinlatter and a few times around local trails. The snow seems to change in the amount of traction you get, quite a lot. The first ride at Whinlatter was on fresh snow and lead to a few crashes, the best one goes to my mate whose back wheel was traveling twice as fast as his front resulting in an incredible spin out on the famous berms of the north loop which have a rather large drop the other side of them.

My crash involved my front wheel washing out and hitting a stump ending with my bike sitting perfectly upside down on top of me. I’ve been to Whinlatter loads so the snow makes the trails less predictable and leaves you wondering where the grip is.

One of the latest rides was pretty thrilling. Heavy snow started coming down at around 3.30pm, so I geared up grabbed my bike and headed to a local trail about 10 minutes ride away. On my way there a car skidded into a wall and started to drift towards me, I had to bail off my bike. Luckily the young lady was fine although her car was a bit trashed. I continued onto the trails and had quite a bit of fun just trying to keep it in a straight, and then trying to do big drifts.

On my way back I hit up the golf course, which was pretty cool with lots of small jumps and corners and quite an experience seeing you’re not really allowed to ride there. The snow gives you an opportunity to see winter in a new light and is great fun to mess around in a recommend a ride in the white stuff to anyone.


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