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A better class of holiday snap…

| Blog, Cycling Plus | 15/02/2013 11:00am

We love these pictures of Team Madison Genesis taken by top photographer Geoff Waugh on their recent training camp in Majorca, we stole them*!

Team Madison Genesis are the new kids on the block. And they are riding bikes made from an ancient metal called steel in a world where modern composites, aerospace parlance and moulds, wraps and resins are the norm. But that is The Big Idea. Riding their Reynolds steelĀ in the Challenge Majorca races, they fared well. Ian Bibby,getting ready for a training ride, took a tenth place on one stage. Exciting times indeed.

*Actually we asked Geoff’s permission.

Click here to read more Team Madison Genesis news.

And see more of Geoff Waugh’s great stuff here.



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