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Ups and downs

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 18/02/2013 10:05am

Guest blogger Steve Chalk is in training for the Pennine Bridleway Challenge in aid of Factor50.

It’s been a better period weatheriwise, so I’ve been able to get out more on the trusty VooDoo (still got it – waiting on funds for the carbon machine). Well, most of the time – more on that later.

I had an eventful 20-miler as I forged out across the Wiltshire Downs a couple of weeks ago.  Met just about everything off-road you could  – 4x4s, scramblers, a MTB club (we did the ‘Hi, all in this together’ hello thing) and 100 dogs and 56 horses of the local hunt who bolted out of the hedgerow in front of me halting progress for 10 minutes. I was, in truth, not that upset – it was at the top of a 1.5-mile stretch into a headwind!

The last 10 days have been a training nightmare to be honest though.  I had the mother of all reactions to my latest treatment and ended up in hospital, feeling as though my eyes and head were going to explode.  Still, the meds have kicked in and I’m 100 per cent better, and am even contemplating getting back out there tomorrow – they’re treating me with steroids so I’m just waiting to grow arms like Popeye.  Never mind, you’ve to expect times like this when you’ve cancer and given the alternative it’s a small (if frustrating) price to pay.

Team SSIJ have started searching for a major sponsor – not looking for a fortune just someone cool to be linked with who we can promote.  We’ll work our asses on behalf of any interested parties, even Geoff, who we feared may prove the old saying wrong, as he actually thought he’d forgotten how to ride a bike! He’s had a go  – we believe he survived but he has gone quiet over the past few days… If you can help please get in touch, we promise we’ll do you proud.

You can follow Team SSIJ as they prepare for June’s four-day assault on 205 miles of the Pennine Bridleway at or find them on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


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