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Racing update from Steve Peat Syndicate’s Josh Lewis

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 26/02/2013 12:34pm

Guest blog: Josh Lewis on his latest endeavours in the north of England

Hey up, readers! Hope everyone’s trails are drying up fast. February has been a good month for me. I managed to find two small race events in northern England to enter.

The first was a downhill event at a venue called Ramsgill, a relativley new area for downhill race events, but that doesnt mean that the scene was lacking in force. Many people turned out on the cold wintry weekend, which was great to see because it gave a good field of competition to race against.

I turned up with a trick Santa Cruz Nomad carbon that Peaty has lent me for a bit. It’s such a sick bike – I almost hate it when he lends me a ride because I never want to give it back! The Nomad turned out to be perfectly suited for the track. I had fun practising on the course and ended up winning, taking fastest overall time of the day. If anyones up for some proper grassroots entry-level racing get yourself up to Ramsgill for the winter series. It has a proper yorkshire vibe!

The second event was an enduro style race at Hamsterley, a more well-known venue. I turned up not really knowing what to expect. I had never done this type of racing before, but it turned out to be a perfect preparation for my first full-on enduro event which is coming up in March. It was timed on three tracks all linked up, which was how I imagine one enduro stage at a big race to be.

Regardless, it was very pedally, but extremely fun, and I had such a fun day racing it. Riders such as Danny Hart, Jack Reading, Alex Rafferty and Sam Flanagan turned up, to name a few who have all had their fair share of racing experiance. After the first runs I was sixth, but times were very tight, so I was hungry for a podium finish.

As the second runs came round, the cold had got to me, so I rode up in a really warm jacket and got to the top in such a sweaty state. As I reached the start, I was straight into the gate. After sweating out my bodyweight in moisture,  the last thing I was ready for was a 3.5-minute flat-out sprint, but the show must go on…

The beeps finished and I set off. My run was going well, I hit the fireroad sprint like an animal. There were some guys shouting at me like mad men, they did such a good job though, so cheers guys! But then, as I dropped into the last descent, I blew the corner like an idiot. This lost me a chunk of time and also cost me the result I wanted. I crossed the line and ended up eighth. But with all the lessons I have learned from the weekend, the result was just a tiny factor. I know what fitness I need to maintain and hopefully will be just as ready for the gravity enduros coming soon!

Here is a helmet cam run of the track at Hamsterley:

If anyone is interested in supporting me for the enduro season you can reach me at Any support will be greatly appreciated and I’ll give the utmost effort in return.


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