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‘Granny bike’ shenanigans

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 11/03/2013 09:45am

Guest blogger Paddy Taylor gets inventive for a video competition…

It has been dry and gloriously sunny in Cumbria for much of the past two weeks. So when I and my mate had a free afternoon, my plans for a road ride and fell walk changed into filming for a short film competition advertised in the local paper.

Seeing as the deadline for the competition was the day after we didn’t have enough time to travel to decent MTB trails in the Lake District. Instead we went for a novelty direction going onto the local hill with a folding bike that was recently given to my mate by his grandma.

As soon as I started riding I knew it was going to be an interesting ride – the bike had just three gears and pretty dodgy brakes. On filming some fast sections I could feel the small wheels getting sucked into all the holes on the trail. With a lack of suspension, my hands were rattled to pieces, which made braking hard, especially since the levers positioned in a way that meant I had to use most of my fingers. So when it came to a small downhill which led onto a 60m drop it got a little nerve-racking!

The rest of the time the bike, surprisingly had quite a lot of traction though, and I managed to ride most stuff with its three gears, which were housed in the hub, so the chain never came off. It would be fine on green or blue routes at trail centres and feels so comfortable when sitting down and will put a smile on anybody’s face on a sunny day on a nice quiet road despite the odd looks you may get.

You can see my entry to that competition below, and it would be very nice if you could head over to the Northern Exposure Short Film Facebook page and like my video – hopefully I will have a shot at the Social Media Award if everyone gives it a like. (hint!)


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