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Darkness and light

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 18/03/2013 09:38am

Guest Blog: New bike, training and mud for Steve Chalk

The Bantu is finally gone. In fact by the time the new shiny Vitus Rapide 1 was out of the box I’d forgotten I’d even once owned one.  Yes, I was excited.

Team SSIJ’s topman Joe H popped over and set it up for me.  I can’t believe the difference it has made, the sheer fact that it’s 6kg lighter than the VooDoo is a major contribution, but without a doubt the spec of the Vitus for the money is top notch. Everything works how it should, which fills me with confidence, thereby making life so much better.

At the same time as the Rapide arrived the other Joe on the team (my son) took delivery of his new Karma Comp.  It’s a really nice bike and as it’s the 2012 model he picked it up at a stupidly low price.

So off we set into the bright blue like something from a clichéd film.  Representing the dark side – me on the black menacing carbon machine, whilst Joe was radiating niceness all over the place from his pristine white BeOne.  Although half a mile in there was that much mud everywhere that we could’ve been on bikes that were sky blue or pink as far as anyone would know! Most folks would be a tad miffed if they’d just shelled out a wad on something and within five minutes it was covered in muck but we were delighted – isn’t that what MTB’s all about?

That’s it now then, proper full on training mode has been engaged.  It looks as though me and my lad have teamed up as a pair, so over the few weeks to enhance our training we are off to ride The Ridgeway, heading down to Dartmoor to pitch a tent a for the weekend and cover some serious miles, as well as being part of a squad that Team SSIJ have entered in the 50km Sarsen Trail ride over Salisbury Plain in May.  That should keep us occupied for while, I’ll let you know how it all goes.

Lastly, who kept pins on pedals secret from me for so long?  How good are they?!


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