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The good old days…

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 22/03/2013 09:28am

Jake goes back to his roots and spends some time back with old friends

It’s a funny one isn’t it. Other riders come in and out of your ‘regular riding buddies’ over time, and Ieuan Williams was one of those guys. We grew up riding together, where he was always crazier than crazy, pulling silly tricks at every opportunity and generally just getting RAD!

Well, Ieuan broke both his legs a few years ago, and despite getting a BMX and doing a bit of pratting about, it was never the same, and I hardly ever saw him. Until a few weeks ago. Armed with a bike, his totally old and knackered D2 lid and his usual torn jeans, T-shirt and hoodie outfit, he was back. And the last few Sundays have been just like old times…but faster, and with slightly more self preservation than we had at 15 years old!

Last Sunday, Ieuan went for his first attempt in years of the suicide no hander, an old favourite, and totally busted it out with the effortless style he somehow always manages to portray. I happened to have to GoPro with me and filmed it, and then we somehow went a little crazy, so stoked on riding that we started acting like trail hooligans, tearing up the place.

Anyway, I made a little video in the 10 minutes after I got home, and here it is. Suicide no handers, whips, tabletops, big jumps and silly drops all included. Give it a gander.




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