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Guest blog: a walk on the roadie side

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 11/04/2013 15:12pm

Paddy Taylor reveals a guilty pleasure

On the trail is where Paddy’s true loyalty lies

I have been mountain biking for good few years now and most of that time I have never understood the tight shorts, skinny tyres and dodgy tans that the other side of the cycling spectrum enjoys.

However I have enjoyed watching the competitiveness in events like the Tour de France, in which usually two lanky blokes drag themselves up a ridiculously steep mountain in order to wear a mustard-coloured T-shirt.

Every year I had a hankering to join the “tanned side” and buy a road bike. So this year I predicted the Tour de France urge, and at the first opportunity got myself a second hand road bike. First thing I noticed was how different it was to mountain biking, which relies so much on the bike as well as skill and fitness. Efficiency as well, it’s amazing how little effort you have to put in, compared to a trail bike.

However I don’t want to turn into a man with an unhealthy obsession with chamois cream and gloves that Madonna wears. So I wear baggy shorts and a shirt to try remain with the off road fraternity.  It feels like a guilty pleasure every time I go road riding especially when I see riders going back to their cars from the trails, which is omnipresence in the Lake District.

Every time I see them and say hi, I hope they realise where my true allegiance lies. As when it is me coming back from the trails and see a roadie off on the country lanes, I pity them for not knowing the joys that lay just over the gates and dry stone walls. There always seems to be a bit of friction between the two communities but it is a great way to train for MTB events.


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