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“I think I may have gone out with your sister…”

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 15/04/2013 09:34am

Ric’s new bike feels awfully familiar.

When Santa Cruz released the Blur TRC a while ago they made a big fuss about it being ‘exactly like’ the old Blur 4X. And to be honest, it was an understandable comparison – slack head angle, decent length and a low BB all wrapped up in a short(ish) travel package.

The problem was however, that it wasn’t. As great a bike as it was/is, the TRC was, of course, made from carbon fibre. The resulting pricetag aside, there was something distinctly un-4X like about that.

You see, the 4X’s big strength and one of it’s most endearing qualities was it’s ‘working class hero’ appeal. It was a Sierra Cosworth or a Suzuki Bandit of a push bike – it was all things to all men. As a result, the inherent ‘poshness’ of carbon fibre just didn’t somehow sit well with 4X owners like myself awaiting the second coming.

Am I over-romanticising this? Yeah, a bit, but I have owned two 4X’s in my time and I loved each of them. As a bike it was far ahead of it’s time in terms of geometry and it’s short-travel, playful nature resulted in that wonderful ‘getting away with it’ feeling on every ride.

When Santa Cruz then released the Blur TR, my heart jumped a bit. It’s one of their favourite tricks and it definitely works – whet appetites with a carbon fibre super-sled then feed the frenzy with an alloy number. The TR is my new long term machine and after the first couple of rides, I’m pleased to say that those genes are still present and correct.

Of course, I’ll need a lot more time fiddling, fettling and playing on the new bike before delivering an objective review of the matte black machine. But in the mean time, I’m pleased to say that yes, yes it’s all still there…


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