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British 4X hits Falmouth

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 09/05/2013 09:31am

Jake heads to Falmouth and races some 4X

The sun was out and Falmouth was calling. I was heading down to Cornwall with Katy Curd for the second round of the British 4X Series – and unusually, this time I was going to be racing rather than just watching and operating the tools!

The track in Falmouth had only been finished on the Friday night, with us arriving on Saturday morning ready for a day of practice. UK 4X racer Will Evans had been given free reign over creating the track, and he’d done a tidy job! It’s one of those tracks that personify what 4X really should be. It’s relatively long, has a good gradient, and is full of challenging features and multi-line sections. It was going to be an interesting race!

As a 4X virgin I entered the Big Fun category – which is for riders without BC licenses, so really just not taking the whole thing seriously in any way. This was perfect for me, I’m no racer!

A good day’s practice on Saturday led into a sunny morning on Sunday – and with about 15 minutes left of practice, I manned up and hit the Pro-line jumps. It took a couple of attempts to get through both of them, but once I was done, they were in the bag. Straight into racing, and I wasn’t feeling massively confident about hitting them again, so put it to the back of my mind, with concentrating on getting a good start being the priority!

With Moto rounds, quarter finals and semi finals to get through, I never found myself out of the top 2 – putting me into the final. I had gate pick, so picked the inside gate into the first corner, and after a brief downpour of rain, the track was suddenly soaked too. Luckily my downhill experience could come in handy and I could try and stay rubber side down!

As the gate dropped, I managed to get the snap and lead down into the second turn. Blown sideways over the double leading into the pro line, I opted out and hit the turn into the other straight. I was pushing hard as I knew the guy in second was likely to hit the Pro Line, and as I got to the end of the straight I saw him fly by, cutting me up and putting me into second. Fair play for hitting those jumps!

I followed him down, attempting a couple of passes but with no success, putting me into a second place finish. The result was a huge bonus, but totally didnt matter. The whole atmosphere of the event was so laid back and positive – everyone just seemed as if they were there to have some fun on their bikes – even the Elite riders.

As an event to get people into racing it was perfect, and it’s spurred me on to actually race some more 4X too – the European round at Dirtmaster festival as well as the next UK national round – and I’m really looking forward to them too!



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