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Is Turkey the new must-visit mountain biking destination?

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 20/08/2013 11:20am

Gallery and video of one of the most bizarre looking places we’ve ever ridden!

Cappadocia has not yet entered the pantheon of hallowed mountain biking venues, but this area of central Turkey is a trail rider’s paradise.

Mountain biking is in its infancy here, so a exploration, staring locals and getting lost are all part of the experience. This also means that, for now, the trails are uncrowded and the pioneering sensation is strong.

We reckon it could well become the next must-visit MTB hot spot! Check out the full story in MBUK 294, on sale on Friday, if you need convincing! Why not subscribe to MBUK so you never miss an issue? (all photos below by Andy Lloyd)


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One Response to “Is Turkey the new must-visit mountain biking destination?”

  1. Dear Kim,

    From early 2000′s we were pushing really much about Cappadocia as Turkish mountain bikers. Some UK companies have regular groups, twice a year sometimes; but since it is considered as a remote location by western people, couldn’t get enough reputation.

    Everyone is welcome for their questions about Cappadocia;