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When was the last time you called in the professionals?

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 30/08/2013 09:48am

Faye Sanders gets a few pointers from a pro

When your riding takes a turn for the worse, be it from a crash, some time off the bike or just too many sketchy moments, it might be time to call in the cavalry…

“Stop looking at the roots.” Target fixation is never a good thing when mountain biking, and even less so on rooty DH tracks. Katy Curd – 4X National Champion – is stood at the side of the track providing pointers on how to get our riding smoother and faster. It was a Diva Descent girls-only DH coaching weekend at the Forest of Dean and nine of us had come along to get some pointers from the pro.

Shuttled to the top of the trails in the FlyUp Downhill van we got right back to basics working on our attack position. It’s crazy how some simple adjustments to your body position can make you sail down a piece of track faster and smoother.

When you ride regularly you think you have the basics dialled, but years of riding results in bad habits sneaking in – one pedal dropping lower than the other, body weight too far back and elbows tucked in instead of out were just a few things that Katy corrected in our group. These little tweaks here and there – that most of us had been oblivious to – really made a difference when it came to getting more speed and flow on the trails.

After ironing out the bad habits it was time to work on some trail features – roots, berms, jumps and drops were the focus of the weekend. Sessioning sections and then catching the uplift back up the hill meant you got plenty of time on the trails riding and didn’t waste time pushing up.

By the end of the weekend we had all improved confidence, technique and ability way more than if we’d just been mucking about on the trails by ourselves. So the next time you have a wobble or you want to nail a section faster it might be worth spending some pennies on getting some help from a pro.

Katy Curd runs DH coaching sessions in conjunction with FlyUp Downhill holding beginners, intermediate, advanced and ladies-only sessions at the Forest of Dean and Gawton, Devon.



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