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Optrix and Polaroid video footage

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 18/03/2014 16:19pm

Helmet cameras are the best way to document your riding, and there are lots of options out there in the market.  In the April issue of MBUK, on sale now, we feature the Optrix XD5 iPhone case, and the Polaroid XS100 onboard video cameras – which both offer some great features.

Being able to film your ride is something riders have wanted for years, but it’s not always been possible due to the quality constraints of early bullet camera systems, or the pricing – but GoPro developed arguably the first practical and dedicated POV – point of view – camera system, at an affordable price. Released in 2004, this early option had a viewfinder and took film – but GoPro were quick to accept digital as the future and dedicated themselves to developing the technology.

Several years later there are lots of options available on the market,  headed up by the all bells and whistles GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition – which has an incredible array of features and settings, and is capable of filming at the cinema grade 4000megapixels. But it comes at a price.

We’ve recently been using a couple of great options at a far cheaper price – both of which are well worth considering.

Polaroid’s XS100 works admirably – but the mounting is clunky

The Polaroid XS100 retails for just £109.99,  and despite having a clunky mounting system films decent high resolution images and has a few nifty features like the slide switch for recording; the vibrate feature so you know when it’s filming and an automatic orientation to ensure your footage is recorded the right way up,  even if the camera is mounted sideways, or upside down. We know of someone who cut the ball joint off the mount, and used Sugru to fit the mount to his helmet – getting around the height issue that we had a few issues with.

Check out some of the footage here, taken at full resolution, on a miserable misty day at Bike Park Wales:


The Optrix XD5 is an amazing bit of kit, for those that use Apple’s iPhone 5, 5s and 5c…

The Optrix XD5 takes a different approach – instead of being a dedicated film capture device, it’s instead based around the popular iPhone 5, 5s and 5c models.

The case is waterproof and base resistant – and comes with a 175degree wide angle lens to offer a similar angle to that from a GoPro. Included is a free App, which freezes the focus on the iPhone enabling surprising footage. We opted to go for the £6.99 Optrix Video Pro App, which also offers onscreen telemetry – which can end those ‘I hit 30mph down there, it just doesn’t look it’ arguments with your mates. The footage is incredible considering it’s filmed on a telephone – and represents great value for money. Check out a some footage below, also shot at Bike Park Wales…






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