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Ready for launch!

| Blog, Cycling Plus | no responses | 29/01/2013 15:43pm

In 2013 we’ll be following the progress of brand new British team Madison Genesis. Launched at the London Bike Show on January 19, the team blends a mix of experience – team manager Roger Hammond and senior pro Dean Downing – and youth – the likes of Alex Peters and Brennan Townshend. And in a break from the norm they’ll be racing on steel Genesis Volare bikes! In the first blog from the team first year pro Chris Snook relives an eventful first day…

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Are you our missing ingredient?

| Blog, Cycling Plus, Features | no responses | 15/01/2013 11:28am

May the 3rd 2013 marks the start of one of the most ambitious and toughest sportives the UK has ever seen: the Rat Race Road Trip. After starting from Tower Bridge in London, riders will then have the simple to task of riding to… Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. That’s 400 miles. Oh, and they’ve got to do it in either just four or two days!

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Festive food frolics…

| Blog, Cycling Plus, Features | no responses | 17/12/2012 18:12pm

A bike isn’t just for Christmas… But at this time of year getting out and riding can certainly be a tasty experience says Andy Ward. Join him on a foodie-fuelled festive frolic…

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Nice jumpers…

| Blog, Cycling Plus | no responses | 12/12/2012 14:36pm

Strange things happen in offices at this time of year and here at Cycling Plus the festive spirit has had an interesting effect on our sartorial sense…

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Would you swap your car for a bike?

| Blog, Cycling Plus | no responses | 28/11/2012 15:03pm

It’s a question that we often ask ourselves when we’re feeling particularly guilty about polluting the planet– could we swap our car for a bike? For many the answer is probably: “Yeah, for the commute, and a bit of shopping but I still need the car to drive to next weekend’s sportive…” Anyway, we’re not sure if Jonny Heneghan is an eco-warrior but he has swapped his car for a bike. Literally…

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Could this be a new beginning for cycling?

| Blog, Cycling Plus | no responses | 11/10/2012 16:52pm

The USADA has released it’s reasoned decision on Lance Armstrong and doping, and it makes depressing reading. But could it also, finally, mark a new era of completely clean and honest cycling?

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Cross purposes!

| Blog, Cycling Plus, Features, Know How | no responses | 08/10/2012 09:00am

In lots of ways, a cyclocross bike makes the perfect bike-to-work purchase.  Comfortable and stable, with clearance for mudguards, sensible gearing, high volume tyres and drop handlebars, it will serve you well on the daily commute and the odd blast on a local bridleway. If you are one of the many riders who have taken advantage of the scheme and plumped for a ‘crosser, have you considered unlocking its true potential? Have you thought of entering a race? After doing just that with mixed results, Cycling Plus doctor Andy Ward decided he needed to hone his cyclocross skills. Rapha, organisers of the Super Cross series, gave him a chance to do just that…

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‘Plebgate’ seems to have brought out the cycling ‘haters’…

| Blog, Cycling Plus | no responses | 05/10/2012 14:01pm

I can’t say that I’ve been following the Andrew Mitchell story especially closely but from what I gather the Government Chief Whip appears to have come across as a boorish, short-tempered snob. Oh and that, for one particular reason, he’s inherently evil.

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Getting ‘cross…

| Blog, Cycling Plus | no responses | 01/10/2012 14:53pm

There’s no doubt that the cycling is now well and truly mainstream. The fantastic events of the summer have created huge interest from the media and inspired thousands of new riders to pull on the Lycra and take to the tarmac. Despite all this publicity, there remains one branch of the sport that remains resolutely quirky. Described by one journalist as the “ugly redheaded stepchild of cycling”, cyclocross remains sidelined in this country – its dedicated band of followers plugging away on small local courses with little or no publicity. Now Rapha are hoping to change all that, bringing a taste of Flanders to the UK with their Supercross Series. Liking the sound of that, Andy Ward decided to give cyclocross racing a go.

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You’re a cyclist so you’re bad!

| Blog, Cycling Plus | 2 responses | 25/09/2012 16:41pm

In early 2010 a newspaper journalist – probably in The Daily Mail – obviously wrote something that annoyed me as I asked Rob Ainsley to write a column about the apparent hatred of cyclists that pervades the wider media. Nearly three years on and Jan Etherington writes some utter twaddle in the Daily Telegraph and Rob’s piece still feels relevant! Enjoy…

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