Nutrition: You should cocoa

| | no responses | 23/07/2010 14:54pm

Not only is cocoa an indispensable ingredient of the ideal recovery drink, but according to nutritionist Christine Bailey, new research shows that it can help you ride harder as well.

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Talk to the team

| | no responses | 23/07/2010 13:48pm

Drop in, give us some feedback and talk to the team here on the forum.

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Kay has a near miss with a horse box…

| | no responses | 23/07/2010 13:33pm

Team Cycling Plus will be updating you each week with the highs and lows of their training as part of the team. This week Kay has a near miss with a horse box…

Team member: Kay Bowen

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Technique: Uphill battle

| | no responses | 23/07/2010 13:01pm

The brutal simplicity of climbing is one of its most appealing aspects. It’s you and your bike versus the hill. You push the pedals, you breathe hard and you make your ascent.

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Bobbies on Bikes

| | no responses | 23/07/2010 12:41pm

Pedal-powered PCs take on London’s bike crime The London Metropolitan Police are using bikes to tackle bike crime in the capital.

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When, where and how to buy!

| | no responses | 23/07/2010 12:09pm

Mail order, interweb, superstore, dodgy imports or local bike shop? Consider carefully the pros and cons of buying from each

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Sizing up

| | no responses | 23/07/2010 12:02pm

Ask our test team about bike fit and feel and they’ll tell you that every bike is different. Most require perseverance to get the best out of them.

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Selling secondhand

| | no responses | 23/07/2010 09:58am

If you buy a new bike, only to sell it on a whim as soon as you feel the urge to try something different, you’ll lose money.

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Get Trail Ready

| | no responses | 23/07/2010 09:25am

You’ll soon discover that the advantages of quality kit and cycling gear is now as much fashion as function led.

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Fine-tuning bike feel

| | no responses | 23/07/2010 09:15am

The properties and material structures of a bike’s frame and component parts play a far bigger role than many riders imagine in influencing ride feel.

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