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All the skills you need to keep you ripping trails faster than you thought possible with techniques to tame the trails and flatter your fitness !

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The What Mountain Bike 2010 Bike of the Year shootout

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We’d only just recovered from last year’s Bike of the Year (BOTY) test when the behemoth that is the 2010 test shoved into view.

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Weight loss rider does a 50-miler

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The last time I pedalled 50 miles in one go was when I was about 21 or 22 years old. In fact, just before I took up mountain biking seriously, which tends to be less big on mileage, although harder work!

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Our resident mountain bike weight-loss star talks food

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Today is about food. We all love food, obviously some more than others!

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Tour of Romandy Stage 2

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The peloton crosses the river Sarine via the Zaehringen bridge on day two of the 64th Tour of Romandy.

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Lance under pressure

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Lance Armstrong once berated Floyd Landis for spending a day in a
Spanish coffee shop, downing 14 cappuccinos with his mate David Zabriskie.
Armstrong and Landis always represented two different faces of the fanaticism
common to a lot of the best cyclists

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Procycling’s Riccò interview: What happened next

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By all means give us flak for putting Riccardo Riccò on our cover, especially if you think we’re somehow “justifying” or “promoting” a doper (we, naturally, disagree). Just don’t ever suggest that life isn’t slightly more titillating with the Cobra around.

We travelled to Serramazzoni, high in the Appennini emliani, to interview Riccò for our “Banned Issue” on November 23rd of last year.  Here’s what happened next…

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Weight loss rider hits the dirt

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As you’ll know if you’ve been reading this blog, I’m primarily pedalling to lose weight but with the added benefit of being able to get back out on my mountain bike.

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The naivety of youth and junk bikes versus new technology and an old fat rider

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Clive’s been racking up the miles and smiles so much that he lays out his plan about re-riding an old adventure from back in the day.

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Ragley TD:1 Titanium – First look

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Brant Richards, one time design driver behind On-One, has spent the past year or so working on his Ragley brand with UK distribution powerhouse Hotlines.

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