Fat mountain biker sets his sights on two targets in June

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I suppose I’m no different from anyone else, in that I have to prioritise what I do all the time. I have my cycling for weight loss, I have work, I have my rugby coaching (which is busier in the off-season with planning, meetings, conferences and courses), I have my family and I have to try to get some down time in too.

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Uplifting stuff – the best day off ever!

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Morning all, how are we?!

On Friday I had a day off booked and with the weather man predicting sun, sun, sun there was only one place I wanted to go – the Forest of Dean with FlyUp DH.

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Meet team - Group

Meet WMB Test Team

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What Mountain Bike is brought to you by the most authoritative team in the business.

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First impressions: On-One’s Carbon 456 hardtail

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There are times in this job when, however many bikes are waiting in the test queue, a fresh one turns up that just has to be ridden. I spent a couple of hours blatting around Bristol’s hidden singletrack on the new Carbon 456 hardtail after On-One designer Stevo sent me his own pre-production rig to try.

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Meet the Wrecking Crew

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Wondering what the Wrecking Crew is all about? Well this is us and what we do for you…

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Etape dancing

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Every year the Étape du Tour gives amateur riders a chance to experience a stage of the Tour de France.

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MBUK’s machines – Ric’s Giant Glory

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With all this XC business I’ve been at over the last month, the Glory has been lurking around the back of my shed like some sort of malnurished urban fox. Of sorts. writes Ric McLaughlin…

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| | no responses | 18/05/2010 13:38pm

Suspension is big business and one of the most crucial factors in making bikes go fast….er. Distribution giants Silverfish UK have taken on Elka shocks this year so we went down to sunny Cornwall to find out more.

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Is Cycling the new Golf

| | no responses | 11/05/2010 10:02am

I hate playing golf. For a few years in my late 20s I tried to get into it. I bought some clubs and spent Sunday mornings bad-temperedly hitting balls into streams, dense undergrowth and generally spoiling many a good walk.

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