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2013 London Duathlon

London Duathlon 2013 – Crossing The Line

| Blog, Cycling Plus | no responses | 14/10/2013 10:37am

The London Duathlon 2013 recently took place in the UK capital’s picturesque Richmond Park. BikeRadar staff member Hannah Welham took part in the Super Sprint event…

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2012 Ride Across America

From sea to shining sea…

| Blog, Cycling Plus | no responses | 19/09/2013 22:55pm

Cycling Plus reader Dr David Ashton and his wife Chrissie set their sights on the Ride Across America in 2012 – it was a journey that would test them to the limit and give them memories that they would never forget…

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Felix Barker

Stay classy, Annecy…

| Blog, Cycling Plus | no responses | 16/09/2013 04:32am

After being lucky enough to take part in their popular London to Paris event I’m pleased to report I’ve completed my second Hotchillee event of the year. I’m lying here nursing sore legs and a warm feeling of satisfaction after finishing the 2013 Alpine Challenge, writes Richard Schofield…

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HotChillee Alpine Challenge 2013

The day of reckoning…

| Blog, Cycling Plus | no responses | 14/09/2013 18:12pm
So – day two of the 2013 HotChillee Alpine Challenge. Much warmer, sunnier and not a hint of rain in the crystal blue sky but just the same brutal climbing and full gas riding from my group one buddies. Today, as promised, I got a proper pro peloton experience as we tackled the Col des Aravis, used 39 times by the Tour, writes Richard Schofield.

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Richard and his bike are ready for bed

But the best bit is that you get to sleep with your bike…

| Blog, Cycling Plus | no responses | 12/09/2013 16:38pm
So my bike survived. Whatever abuse the airline staff gave it while it was out of my sight didn’t seem to cause any lasting damage and with a little bit of my own cack-handed assembly work then a big dose of help from the excellent HotChillee mechanics (thank you Nigel and Graeme!) my bike was back in one piece and running sweetly.

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Richard's ready for the cols

The joy of cycling travel – or not, as the case may be

| Blog, Cycling Plus | no responses | 11/09/2013 12:56pm

Is putting your bike in a box the most stressful thing a cyclist can do? Breaking your hard-earned pride and joy into pieces, putting these into a case and handing it over to a baggage handler is the most gut wrenching thing I’ve had to do as a cyclist.

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Haute Route Pyrenees

Race Review: Haute Route Pyrenees

| Cycling Plus | no responses | 09/09/2013 10:01am

Twelve months on after racing, and finishing, the first edition of the Haute Route Alps, I’m back for more, only this time in the Pyrenees.

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transrockies Matt

Ride results for Cannondale Scalpel 3

| Blog, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 15/06/2012 14:19pm

Skills coach, part-time XC racer and WMB tester Matt Legg-Bagg times a Cannondale Scalpel against a Lappiere Zesty on a series of fast laps. But which is faster, and by how much?

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transrockies Matt

How much faster is a proper race bike?

| Blog, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 13/06/2012 12:00pm

Skills coach, part-time cross-country racer and WMB tester Matt Legg-Bagg thrashes a Cannondale Scalpel 3 for us – with very surprising results…

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What Mountain Bike issue 136 in the shops now!

| Blog, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 07/06/2012 12:07pm

We’re a bit late with this, what with long weekends and being busy waving flags for the Queen! If you’ve already grabbed your copy of What Mountain Bike issue 136 – good work, hope you’re enjoying it. If you haven’t, here’s what you need to tempt you to head out to the shops.

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