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WMB106.pad tech4

How to remove and replace disc brake pads

| Knowledge, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 16/03/2011 09:15am

Follow our simple steps to remove and fit new disc brakes pads to up your stopping power

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WMB mystery shopper series

| Blog, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 14/03/2011 11:06am

It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently taken up mountain biking or been tackling the trails for years there’s a bewildering array of bikes and kit to choose from

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Spring has sprung for WMB blogger Clive Chapman

| Blog, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 01/03/2011 09:00am

It’s March 1 and that’s spring in my book. I’m now preparing to be totally confused as to how to dress on my early morning commutes to work.

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What Mountain Bike bike of the year 2010

Inspirational UK rides

| Blog, Features, Routes, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 25/02/2011 10:34am

We’ve rounded up 10 inspiring rides to be found in the UK for you to get out and enjoy

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T – is for tree, explains Justin Loretz

| Blog, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 23/11/2010 17:20pm

Have a think about your favourite ride, now have think about your favourite corner on your favourite ride. Chances are on the inside of that corner is a tree. Trees make up more than fifty per cent of the reasons for corners. See, trees are popular in the countryside cropping up, or should I say copsing up all over the place? you can’t just plot a straight line and gas it – not in the woods. These leafy bark covered beauties define the terrain we ride. That is, until they’re not there anymore.

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In the fat burning zone

| Blog, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 18/11/2010 12:07pm

I’m writing this half way through November, which means my winter commuting is already well under way. Last week was 5 days of torrential rain and flooded towpaths to pedal through and this week it’s been severe frosts and ice. Which means streaming eyes and a river of snot to contend with. Where does all that liquid come from?

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Fat mountain biker goes ‘proper’ mountain biking in Snowdonia

| Blog, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 12/11/2010 09:00am

This pedal over the mountains behind Machynlleth and Aberdyfi was the personal target that I’d set myself since I started this fat to thin by bike thing back in June last year.

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Fat mountain biker rides 114 miles in a day!

| Blog, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 08/11/2010 16:42pm

Up early, did all of the leave the house all alone admin and cracked on. A bright sunny day no less!

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EUROBIKE 2011 – The Afterglow

| Blog, Features, Fuel, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 06/09/2010 15:42pm

They say a week in politics is a long time, and it might well be, but I can guarantee it’s not as long as a week at the world’s biggest cycling show held annually in Southern Germany…

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Real steel deals?

| Blog, What Mountain Bike | no responses | 27/08/2010 15:18pm

I confess to being a bit of a hardtail purist, not for any overly zealous reason I should add – I like thrashing the tyres off a good full suspension bike as much as any.

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